The Power of Failing

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Rakshanda Tambat Failure is inexorable. Everyone encounters failure at some stage in their lives. Everyone! Some of us ...

The Power of Failing | The Power of Failing

The Power of Failing


Rakshanda Tambat

Failure is inexorable. Everyone encounters failure at some stage in their lives. Everyone! Some of us more often than the others.

Yet, most of us don’t accept it as a part and parcel in their lives. Our social media is always full with the accomplishments of people, but very few of them are seen talking about their failures and rejections.

Why? Is failing second rated? Is rejection hurtful?

Indeed, rejection is heartbreaking. The taste is bitter. But, it is also true that unless and until we have tasted rejection, we don’t comprehend the momentousness of acceptance.

Have we ever pondered on why we fail sometimes?

Is it because our dreams are not aligned with our purpose of action plan?

Is it the hastiness of acquiring the upshot and not working sufficiently towards achieving those?

Is it the lack of action-oriented sequences?

Maybe, it is the bits and parts of everything.

Sometimes, we do fail because something better is planned for us on the way and it may, for the moment feel like we’re failing but actually we are getting head started for something more concrete and nuanced.

For the moment, it may appear like everything’s over and nothing satisfactory seems on the plate but we should trust the magic of starting over again and never stop hustling, no matter what!

The problem lies in our perception of failure and our response to it. When we finally shift our mind-set, and see how failure is not a measure of our self-worth, but on the contrary, it’s adversity can invigorate us.

Not to forget, Edison was told that he was too brainless to assimilate anything, he was discharged from his first two jobs and he successfully made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.

Falling flat on your face is counted as a step forward.

So, what is your excuse?

In fact, we should commemorate failures, as failing is the fundamental stride towards trying. The more we fail, the more we have tried and become adroit.

Beneath are the 5 ways to FAIL beautifully:

1.Trying new things courageously: Free yourself from the trepidation of ‘getting it wrong’ and just give it a try. Because fail itself means:

F- First, A - Attempt, I - In, L- Learning.

2.Celebrate failure at home because it means that we have the courage to give it a try. Self-analyze the mistakes you make daily.

3.Train yourself that every time you fail, your brain stretches, grows and you learn to resolve going through the exacting experiences.

4.Validate your emotions by saying to yourself, “I can understand you are upset. Things did not work out for you the way you had planned. But the best is yet to come. Just hold on for a bit. I love you. I love this stronger version of you a little more today.”

5.Create a sparkly new plan in your diary: yippee! We’re already feeling great!

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