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Did Sushant and you keep drugs inside your cars? NCB's 55 questions to Rhea

Did Sushant and you keep drugs inside your cars? NCB's 55 questions to Rhea

Rhea Chakraborty is currently under 14-day judicial custody after Narctoics Control Bureau (NCB) pressed drug charges against her in ...
Did Sushant and you keep drugs inside your cars? NCB's 55 questions to Rhea

Rhea Chakraborty is currently under 14-day judicial custody after Narctoics Control Bureau (NCB) pressed drug charges against her in alleged connection with Sushant Singh Rajput's death. Rhea's brother Showik Chakraborty, Sushant's house manager Samuel Miranda, cook Dipesh Sawant too are embroiled in the same case. As per a Zee News report, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) asked actress Rhea Chakraborty 55 questions during its three-day interrogation in the drug case. The below-mentioned questions were asked by the NCB officials on September 6, when Rhea was called for questioning for the first time. She was arrested on September 8. 

Rhea, tell us about yourself and your family?

Tell us your mobile number and since when are you using it?o you know Zaid Vilatra? If yes, tell us about him

Do you know Kaizan? If yes, tell us about him

Do you know Abdul Basit Parihar? If yes, tell us about him

Do you know Samuel Miranda? If yes, tell us about him

Do you know Dipesh Sawant? If yes, tell us about him

How was your understanding with brother Showik? How much did you know about his personal life?

Who introduced Showik to Sushant and why?

Did you, your father, Shovik and Sushant used to take drugs like bud?

Tell us about your Pavana trip which you did with Sushant many times. Tell us about the sequence of events there, like drug consumption 

Who used to buy and sell drugs? Who supplied drugs to you? Give us all the information

When and how did you first meet Samuel Miranda?

How many times have you visited Sushant's Capri Heights residence and how many times did you stay there? And what have you seen about drugs there?

According to Samuel Miranda, you were looking after all the expenses at Sushant's flat. Explain it to us.

If you say that Sushant Singh Rajput used to take drugs, then why did you arrange drugs for Sushant, why did you get involved in it?

It has happened many times that you have also used your card to buy drugs. Explain it and tell your card details.

Why had you fired Samuel Miranda from his job at Sushant's behest?

In his statement, Samuel Miranda has said - He told you that Sushant's cook Ashok was buying cheap quality drugs at a higher price and then, you took it up Sushant. After which, you fired Ashok and took control on the purchase of drugs.

Why did you take Showik along with you and Sushant to Goa, Ladakh, Delhi and Europe? Why did he join a week later, and why did he leave earlier?

According to Showik's statement, you asked him to provide drugs to Sushant. What would you like to tell us 

What was your intention behind your chats with Showik and Samuel Miranda on April 15 to 17.

In one of the chats, you asked Showik to give some money on his behalf to buy drugs as well. Why?

Why did you ask Samuel Miranda to buy drugs from your card?

Do you consume Bud, Hash and weed?

According to your chats, you used to manage stock of drugs for Sushant. Explain it.

On April 17, Samuel Miranda bought a consignment of weed through Zaid. He was asked by Showik to take it.

Tell us about your bank account and your source of income

Explain to us the contect of your chats with Showik from April 16 to April 17, 2020.

How many times did Sushant consume drugs and how many times did you help him in getting the substance?

On April 17, hash was purchased for Sushant. Showing you your chats about it. Can you explain it?

On April 16 and 17, you asked Showik to find out about the drugs stock talk to Samuel Miranda and Dipesh Sawant about it and then arranged hash through Basit and Kaizan. And then when the drugs were delivered, Dipesh collected it on your request. Expand it in detail. Why did you agree for hash when Sushant only used to take bud and weed?

Who gave the money to buy drugs and how - Cash, card or UPI?

Have you ever seen Wasid taking drugs whenever he visited you? 

During Sushant's stay at your place in 2019, how many times was he provided drugs? Who purchased drugs for you and how did it reach your house?

After returning from the Europe tour, Sushant stayed at your place and then moved to  Waterstone resort and was then admitted to Hinduja Hospital. After his stay at the hospital, he came to your home. Was Sushant's family informed about it? During this time, drugs were delivered to your house.

It has happened many times that Samuel Miranda took supply of drugs for Sushant at your home for Sushant. So why did you allow it to happen?

In September and November 2019, drugs was supplied to Waterstone resort where you and Sushant were staying. Explain. 

Is it true that you and Sushant used to keep drugs joint in your respective cars?

Do you know about Jaya Saha as your chats with her are regarding bud. Explain it

Tell us about Jaya Saha, her email

How many bank accounts do you have? How many debit and credit cards, how many email ids?

How did you purchase drugs for Sushant?

When you and Sushant came back to India from Europe trip, the car that came to pick you up at the airport had weed joints. They were consumed by Sushant on the way from the airport to your home. Explain it in detail.

Why was Samuel Miranda coming to your home when Sushant was with you after the Europe tour?

You started buying drugs with your brother Showik so that he can benefit in drug dealing?

Why did Suryadeep Malhotra come to your house when Sushant was at your place?

KJ aka Karamjit had delivered narcotics substances at a restaurant near your apartment. Then, the same substances were given to Showik by Samuel Miranda. Did you know about it? Did you allow your brother to do so and why?

According to Dipesh, you knew about drugs supply and payments.

Did you know Samuel Haokip, Neeraj Singh? What did they do at Sushant's home?

Do you know Siddharth Pithani, Ayush Sharma, Anandi Dhawan, Rohini Iyer, Shruti Modi, Rajat Mewati, Sahil Sagar, Kesha and Ashok?

What do you have to say about the use of drugs by Sushant and his friends?

Do you know that Sushant used to organise his parties? what do you know about drugs consumption at the parties?

Don't you know that it is illegal to buy and sell drugs?

Is it anything that you want to tell the agency?

At the end of three days of investigation, Rhea was arrested by the NCB. While her bail plea was rejected last week, her lawyer and legal team were reportedly going to approach the Bombay High Court. It has also come to the fore that Rhea had named Sara Ali Khan, Rakul Preet Singh and designer Simone Khambatta in her interrogation. Times Now reported earlier that summons will be issued by the NCB to Sara and Rakul later this week.    

Did Sushant and you keep drugs inside your cars? NCB's 55 questions to Rhea
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