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'we learnt a lot playing Luv and Kush: child actors | 'we learnt a lot playing Luv and Kush: child actors | English.Lokmat.Com

'we learnt a lot playing Luv and Kush: child actors

It was the first time that Krish Chauhan and Harshit Kabra experiences the sunset 'aarti' at the sacred Guptar Ghat, on the bank of the Sarayu, where Lord Ram took Jal Samadhi.
'we learnt a lot playing Luv and Kush: child actors

Krish and Harshit are the child actors who essay Luv and Kush in the upcoming mythological television series, "Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush", and also the show's narrators. They said that doing the show was a lesson for them about Ramayan, and that they got to learn many things about the epic that they had not read in textbooks.

"We did rehearsal in the morning and the main activities start in the evening. When we took a boat ride it felt so good the river is so big and when we look at the yellow temple from the boat, in the middle of the water, it is fabulous!" Krish told here.

Harshit added: "Yes, it is awesome! I am loving it"

Since Ramayana is an epic every Indian child grows up listening of from elders, and also read about in the academic syllabus, how would the show be different from what is already known? "It is a good show for me because in the textbook we do not read that much about Luv in details," Harshit said.

"Through the script I got to know that Luv was a very quiet boy. He would not pick up a fight as Kush does, and he loves his mother. Luv is quite like his father Ram and he is good with the bow and arrow. I did not know these before the show," he added.

"I, too, was not aware of these details about Kush the fact that as a child he was outspoken and aggressive. He would get get irritated easily, but the moment his mother Sita enters the scene, he becomes an obedient boy almost like we are in school in front of teachers!" Krish laughed.

The show features Himanshu Soni and Shivya Pathania as Ram and Sita, who have been shooting along with these child actors for a while now.

Does shooting outddors for through such long schedules hamper studies?

Harshit and Krish said that is not the case because they have a teacher who comes on the set every day wherever they are shoot, and help them for two hours with their studies and homework.

"Our friends have also been supportive, because they keep sending us the class notes on WhatsApp," said Krish.

Agreed Harshit, with a grin: "Our friends at times also do our homework on our behalf even before they do theirs! They know we will feature on a TV show, may be that's the reason they shpwer all the attention.

The story of the show revolves around the time when Luv and Kush get to know about their father Ram from their mother, and the show also narrates how they play an instrumental role in reuniting their parents. Since Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Ram according to the epic, the makers decided to start the journey of the show from that town.

Since it is a mythological show and a costume drama, was it difficult for the two young actors to carry off the heavy costumes?

"At the clothes trials, we felt good in those costumes. We could run around and play wearing them, even when we are not shooting," said Krish, adding: "But after that came the jewellery and the hair. That was such a pain! (Doing) The hair takes much longer than anything else while getting ready.

Harshit added: "I think that is ok, because when we look at Shivya didi and Himanshu bhaiya, they have so much more to go through. They wear heavier clothes and jewellery, and that too in this heat. That way we are cool!"

The show airs on Colors channel, August 5 onwards.

( With inputs from IANS )

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'we learnt a lot playing Luv and Kush: child actors
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