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Czech Republic to buy Israeli air defence systems

Czech Republic to buy Israeli air defence systems

Israel agreed to sell Iron Dome aerial defence systems to the Czech Republic, the Israeli Defence Ministry said.
Czech Republic to buy Israeli air defence systems

Under a 125-million-dollar worth deal signed between the two allies on Thursday, Israel will supply eight Multi-Mission Radar (MMR) systems with air surveillance, air defence, and artillery capabilities to a Czech security program called Mobile Air Defence Radar (MADR).

The MMR systems are manufactured by Elta Systems, an Israeli provider of defence products and a subsidiary of the Israel Aerospace Industries.

"The systems will be delivered, tested, licensed and accepted in operational condition during 2021-2023 in the Czech Republic," a spokesperson for the Israel Aerospace Industries said in a statement, Xinhua news agency reported.

Upon their arrival, the systems "will be adapted to operate in accordance with Czech and NATO command and control systems," the spokesperson added.

The contract was signed on Thursday in Prague by Czech Defence Minister Lubomir Metnar and head of the Israeli Defence Ministry's International Defence Cooperation Directorate Yair Kulas.

MMR systems are known also as Iron Dome, an aerial defence system that can intercept rockets and short-range missiles. Israel uses it to intercept rockets occasionally fired by Palestinian militants in the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to Yoav Tourgeman, CEO of Elta, there are currently over 100 Iron Dome systems contracted worldwide, including NATO countries.

"These radars will propel forward the Czech Air-force capabilities and enable to confront the most advanced aerial threats," he said in the statement, adding that he believes that the deal "paves the path to additional cooperation between the Israeli and Czech defence industries."

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Czech Republic to buy Israeli air defence systems
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