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Criminals were angry over destruction of liquor bases

Criminals were angry over destruction of liquor bases

Nagpur, May 4 The attack on police during the Ajni raid was pre-planned and done on the behest of ...
Criminals were angry over destruction of liquor bases

Nagpur, May 4

The attack on police during the Ajni raid was pre-planned and done on the behest of local leaders and illegal traders , who wanted to take revenge, as the police had destroyed their illegal businesses a month back. Many big criminals are also involved in the attack, but they did not come to light.

The criminals attacked the police and unleashed minors and woman to attack the police team. The police have also started a campaign to eradicate illegal businesses.

The Ajni police, who had gone to Rahate Nagar Toli to take action on illegal business, were attacked by criminals on Monday evening. They pelted stoned and damaged police vehicle. Women home guards Priya Nikodang, Shilpa Mende and Bhagyashree Dodewar were injured. After the incident police commissioner Amitesh Kumar lead a massive operation with the help of heavy police force entered the area and destroyed all the illegal businesses and arrested 30 accused including minor and woman.

The area has always been infamous for illegal trades. People belonging to a particular section run illegal liquor bases in the area. They did not stop even after police action. The Ajni police had raided the area a month ago and destroyed the liquor bases. The police destroyed the raw material (sadva) which is used to make Mahua liquor.

The people of Nade community, were already miffed with police due to last months raid and they were instigate by local leaders and Kabadi, a notorious goon of the area. They had asked the people operating the liquor base to protest violently when police raids.

They believed that the police would not act tough, if they see women and minor children during stone pelting. Similarly, if women or minors got hurt during retaliation, the police will be accused of assaulting them. The police, with strictness and prudence, thwarted the scheme.

According to sources, due to the protection of illegal businesses, the local leader Kabadi had dominance in area and common man hesitate to go against them. Several cases have been registered against Kabadi including murder, attempt to murder etc. He has illegally grabbed 20 to 25 plots in Ajni area. Strict action is being demanded against him.

Meanwhile, Ajni police has arrested 30 accused by registering a case of rioting, assault on police, damage to public property. Among the arrested accused are Kunal Lakhote, Nikhil Tiple, Sonu Patil, Nayan Hawre, Altaf Londe, Aniket Patte, Praveen Londe, Pankaj Saroj, Kanna Hatagade, Shravan Nade, Akash Nade, Dheeraj Shende, Vatan Nade, Ishwar Londe, Sandeep Manondhar, Jeetendra Nade, Vasanta Londhe, Sohan Uffade, Sawan Mankar, Kailash Hatagade, Pratap Hatagade and Umesh Mankar. Around 25 to 30 criminals are wanted in this case women included. They have escaped to avoid arrest.

Illegal liquor dens

destroyed using nakabandi

The police took action against 40 people operating illegal liquor dens all through night and had quarden-off the entire area. During the raid goods worth `10 lakh were seized. There have been many incidence of attack on police during this kind of operations but, this time it was with a vengeance and on massive scale. The police had done thorough nakabandi and demolished many liquor bases. The sudden action by police did not gave anyone any chance to run away.

No one will be spared

Police commissioner Amitesh Kumar warned that there is no scope for illegal business in the city. No one operating illegal businesses will be spared. A special campaign is being carried out for to end these businesses. Investigation is going on under the supervision of top officials.

Criminals were angry over destruction of liquor bases
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