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'Korfball game creates social environment'

'Korfball game creates social environment'

Nagpur, June 5 Nagpur, Korfball which is a mixed team sport creates a unique social environment, said Reena Choube ...
'Korfball game creates social environment'

Nagpur, June 5

Nagpur, Korfball which is a mixed team sport creates a unique social environment, said Reena Choube a former national-level korfball player during an online webinar titled ‘Karate and Sports Seminar for Physical and Spiritual Development of Sportspersons’ recently.

Reena Choube, school national medallist, a university colour holder and a player who regularly represented Maharashtra in many national korfball championships said, “Korfball is world’s first and only mixed team sport. Since its earliest development, korfball teams have consisted equal number of male and female players. In all instances, from korfball’s foremost international athletes, to children in the playground,this is an activity where both sexes play together on completely even terms. “In play, korfballers only directly oppose members of their own gender, therefore the game is structured to dilute advantages of height, speed or strength that would otherwise make mixed team sport impossible to achieve with any degree of equality. As a mixed team sport, korfball creates a unique social environment. Like many sports, korfball provides participants and spectators a full range of intense emotion – doing so with and against team-mates and opponents of both gender adds an extra dimension that no other sport can offer.” Continuing the 44th session, Reena said ” Korfball is a popular sport and has been recognised by International Olympic Committee (IOC). “Korfball is played in India, Africa, America, Asia,Europe,Oceania(69IKF members). IKF is member of Sport Accord, ARISF, IWGA,WADA and is recognised by the IOC,” she informed.

Reena explained in detail about the court and equipment. On the scoring system, she said, “The scoring system in korfball is simple and contributes to the fast paced nature of the game. A goal is scored when the ball is thrown through the opposition’s net. Both teams, therefore, are constantly trying to work the ball upfield to place themselves in an attacking position to shoot. However, a player may not try and take a shot if they have been‘ defended’.This is when the opposition player positions themselves in between the attacker and the net and within an arm’s length from them .The game of korfball is won by one team scoring more goals than their opposition. If at the end of the game the scores are level, then the game is declared a draw. In cup games of tournaments where a winner is required, then depending upon the individual requirements of the competition it may be decided by a shoot-out, with the team scoring the most amounts of goals being declared the winner.” A match, played in two halves, lasts seventy minutes “Korfball matches consist of two halves, each lasting for a total of 35 minutes, with a 10 minute half-time break. Each team has four players in each half and during the match they cannot switch zones. The game begins once a coin toss has decided who shall begin. The aim is to score by throwing the ball through the opposition’s basket.Once two goals have been scored, the teams change zones, with attackers becoming defenders and vice versa.

'Korfball game creates social environment'
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