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An engineer sells eco-friendly flags for Rs 6 each | An engineer sells eco-friendly flags for Rs 6 each | English.Lokmat.Com

An engineer sells eco-friendly flags for Rs 6 each

Delhi-based biotech engineer Kritika Saxena, who is drawn to ideas of sustainability and eco-friendliness, came up with the concept of eco-friendly flags, especially for Independence Day. These are an alternative to plastic flags. "Its something that is really needed," Saxena said.
An engineer sells eco-friendly flags for Rs 6 each

The flags that are made out of seed paper and embedded with basil seeds and marigold can be planted afterwards.

Having started in 2018, Saxena did not think that her eco-friendly idea would be successful. However, after receiving a total of 14,000 orders last year to roughly 16,000 orders this year from across the country, Saxena was overwhelmed by the response.

"It was really easy for me. I sent some photographs and a write-up on the flags to two of my friends and asked them to spread the word. Within 3-4 days, I was getting calls from all over the country," she said.

She initially wanted to start with vertical gardening but came across the idea of seed paper. With her business, she has eliminated the use of plastic "from procurement to packaging".

Saxena mentioned that she gets most of her materials from wholesale markets in Delhi following which she makes her own containers.

She has also in the past year completely converted to a zero-waste lifestyle. This includes composting, giving up the use of plastic shampoo and soap bottles as well as taking a bath with besan and dahi.

Her flags are each priced at Rs 6.

She said: "I try not to make things for bulk orders or the corporate sector. Instead, it is something that the middle class people can buy. The soaps are priced at Rs 6 so that it is enough to sustain myself but also affordable for the middle class."

She said she does not promote consumerism but is a big believer of minimalism.

Saxena mostly works through WhatsApp but says that in the recent months has found it difficult to coordinate on the messaging platform. This is why she has created a Facebook page called Vritt. "It means circle. The basic concept behind my idea also means to give back to nature."

Talking about her experience, Saxena said: "It has been amazing. It has been back-breaking. I just got very lucky. People have been so patient and aware about the whole thing. They have been very accepting of the idea. It has been wonderful."

Her opinion on making people more environmentally conscious: "It's not something we are doing as a favour to Earth. The planet will survive as it has for so many years. It is us who will not and hence we cannot afford to turn a blind eye."

On her plans for the future, she said: "I want to explore organic farming, permaculture, making handmade soaps as well as looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic."

( With inputs from IANS )

An engineer sells eco-friendly flags for Rs 6 each
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