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'Bleisure' trip: Combine work with leisure, the millennial way | 'Bleisure' trip: Combine work with leisure, the millennial way | English.Lokmat.Com

'Bleisure' trip: Combine work with leisure, the millennial way

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It seems that global corporate companies and new-age start-ups have realized it better than anyone else.
'Bleisure' trip: Combine work with leisure, the millennial way

Explains why flexible working is the new idea to attract talent and 'bleisure' a small perk of this liberal culture. Organisations now are encouraging their staff to undertake 'bleisure - extend their business trips to combine work with leisure.

Research shows that almost a third of consumers avoid hotels that still charge for wi-fi and for three-quarters of business travellers in India, a feel good digital experience is vital while choosing a hotel or airline.

The trend is driving growth in the category across the country with millennials looking to derive maximum out of their travel and business from a bleisure trip and the tourism and hospitality industry personalising offerings to suit the specific requirements of these travellers.

OYO is redefining experiences for business travellers further with its Collection O that offers bigger rooms with premium furnishing and linen, high-speed wi-fi and workstations in every room and other personalised offerings.

"Today's coming-of-age generation is different from their parents. They are goal-oriented and focused on aspirations, tech-savvy, believe in accessibility over ownership and striking a good work-life balance. Additionally, rising economic growth and a digitized world are accelerating their wanderlust," said Ankit Tandon, Chief Operating Officer, Operated Business, OYO Hotels & Homes.

These customers are looking to connect with brands and opt for offerings that best fit their way of life. While the traditional business traveller would prefer a conservative work environment, these individuals are looking for much more value.

According to Tandon, "Value for money, quality spaces with elegant design language and great functionality, easy access to wi-fi, convenience, proximity to central locations, privacy and unique experiences that a brand has to offer are some of the factors that drive decision making."

To grow with changing times, the need of the hour is to focus on being a customer-first company, added Tandon.


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'Bleisure' trip: Combine work with leisure, the millennial way
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