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Cong surveys for 'winning' candidates in Delhi

Cong surveys for 'winning' candidates in Delhi

In a run up to the Delhi Assembly elections, the Congress has commissioned four surveys to select the candidates for the 70 seats.
Cong surveys for 'winning' candidates in Delhi

As per the sources, the fate of the ticket seekers will depend upon the survey findings.

Sources said that three surveys have been commissioned by the Congress central command and one by the state unit of the party.

The objective of the survey is to locate the candidate from a panel. The state unit will form the panel and sent to the central command. The names which are mentioned in all the surveys will be given the tickets.

Sources said if a person's name appears in all the surveys, he will be given ticket and those whose name finds mention in most of the surveys will also be given the party nominations.

The significant question in the survey revolves around the winnability and the visibility of the candidate last five years.

The issues concerning an area will used to prepare the manifesto of the party.

On Tuesday, the screening committee met at its war room, but only deliberated on the issues and contours of the party screening committee.

The Congress is making all the efforts and will go big this time as it has to gain from zero said a party leader.

The party is going to harp on 15-year rule of Sheila Dikshit. The party has launched a theme song: "Congress ne basaya tha, Congress hi basayegi; Congress ke 15 saal, Dilli thi bemisal (Congress had build and Congress will only build, Congress's 15 years, Delhi was outstanding)," which is likely to be the Assembly poll theme song. This has been shared by Kirti Jha Azad, party's campaign committee chairman on his Facebook account.

Showcasing the 15 years of the Congress rule under late Sheila Dikshit as "exemplary", it says "the party will be back in power. And, with the return of the Congress, every problem, like unemployment, inflation and corruption, would be solved".

The party, which is pledging a better future for the Delhi residents, is likely to present welfare schemes like Sheila Pension Scheme for the elderly and unemployment bonus for the youth. It is also likely to promise a pollution-free Delhi and freebies, including up to 600 units of free electricity.

The party is eyeing a comeback in the Assembly, where it has zero representation.

( With inputs from IANS )

Cong surveys for 'winning' candidates in Delhi
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