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Potato cybertruck piques interest of Twitterati

Potato cybertruck piques interest of Twitterati

Days after Tesla company led by Elon Musk launched their electric Cybertruck, a video of a man carving out the vehicle from boiled potato and then pouring gravy over it has gone viral on Twitter.
Potato cybertruck piques interest of Twitterati

A user posted on his Twitter handle @DanMilanoHere: "My brother has been working on a mashed potato cybertruck for over an hour."

The post of November 29 got 35.7K retweets and 283.6K likes.

Subsequent threads to the tweet had comments like 'Lookin pretty sweet, now he's scooping out the back', 'Happy Thanksgiving' etc.

In reply, a user posted: "Yummy, looks delicious and out of this world! I wonder if you made a mashed pototo model of an F 150 or Rivian."

Another user had a funny take: "I would buy this over the actual cybertruck. Same price tag. Lol."

One post read: "Holy crap! he even got the broken windows!"

Meanwhile, media reports said that the mayor of Cuidad Valles, a municipality in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, had said that he had ordered for buying 15 all-electric pickup trucks for their toughness, and very affordable maintenance and running cost.

In a statement to 'El Imparcial' news outlet, Mayor Adrian Esper Cardenas said that the 15 cybertrucks will primarily be used by municipal police or otherwise heavy tasks like pulling water pipes and garbage containers.

A user tagged @elonmusk and @Tesla and wrote: "A municipality in my state bought 15 Cybertrucks. This is incredible, I see myself in the future visiting Ciudad Valles."

( With inputs from IANS )

Potato cybertruck piques interest of Twitterati
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