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Things to consider before marketing

Things to consider before marketing

(life) Todays market is more competitive than ever. In a highly globalized world, the consumer plays a major role in changing market dynamics. There are a variety of new-age players making the business landscape highly competitive. Its tough in the current ecosystem to engage new-age customers and remain relevant.
Things to consider before marketing

For brands, one major concern has been to engage millennials; considering their high purchasing power and growing demographic presence. companies find they have to change their messaging as well as marketing strategies to stay relatable. Dipali Mathur, Founder and CEO, Super Smelly shares a few tricks on how to deal with the challenges in the near future.

Bold colours to stand out: With multiple avenues of communication, and thousands of new players coming into the market, it can be difficult for companies to stand out. Using bold colours is the way out here. Bright-coloured themes can not only grab the attention of the centennials instantly, but they can also help the youngsters relate to the brand in other ways as well.

Attractive and convenient packaging: Eye-catching packaging using different elements attracts high traction among this young segment. Moreover, as they are always on the go, they prefer articles packaged in travel-friendly and easily usable sizes, which they can stow away in their bags. New-age personal wellness brands are using bright pocket-sized packaging for essentials like deodorants, which youngsters can easily use anywhere, anytime.

High awareness and concerns: As this generation spends most of its time consuming information in one form or the other, it is highly aware of issues facing humanity. Environmental issues form a big chunk of their concerns. They are more conscious of the effect of high pollution levels and global warming on the environment and in turn their health and bodies. They make mindful choices in terms of what they consume, keeping in mind its after effects on the environment. Thus, they stand by all things that are "toxin-free", "cruelty-free" and "safe" for the environment.

Updated content: In order to stay relevant to the centennials, companies have to invest time and energy to keep on updating their websites, regardless of their brand size. Keeping in mind the behavioural patterns of centennials who are pros at surfing the internet and using their smart-phones for the purpose, the company website should be mobile-friendly and highly convenient to use.

( With inputs from IANS )

Things to consider before marketing
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