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IN PICS! Check out the reason why Helen and Salim Khan did not have their own children

IN PICS! Check out the reason why Helen and Salim Khan did not have their own children

Helen Richardson, better known by her screen name Helen, was the popular dancer and actress of Hindi cinema for over three decades. She is often credited as the original ‘item song’ dancer of Bollywood, and made her debut as a chorus dancer with the film Awara in the year 1951.
In mid-1960s, salim Khan helped Helen bag several songs as a dancer, mainly due to his clout as the screenplay and songwriter of that film. While the two shared an excellent professional rapport, they soon started bonding on the personal front.
At the age of 19, she got her first chance in the movie 'Howrah Bridge'. The song 'Mera Naam Chun Chun' drove the audience crazy. This made her the first item girl in Bollywood.
In the 60's, Helen came to be seen as a sex symbol. With her dance, Helen gained a place in the hearts of the audiences.
Despite the ‘married man’ status, Khan took the plunge in tying the knot for the second time with Helen in the year 1980. Khan shared in an interview that he cannot exactly say whether he was madly in love with Helen but he knew her for so long that he had to honour his relationship with her.
In an interview, Sushila Charak shared that she was very ‘depressed by the development’, and was disturbed to the core by what Salim did. The two women had to share space in their man’s heart, and his house as well, which needless to say caused them to emanate cold vibes towards one another. Even Khan’s children reciprocated their mother’s sentiment and would totally avoid their stepmother.
Soon Khan’s other family realised the fact that Helen was no home-breaker, and she was indeed a warm and cordial person, who wanted nothing but best for her stepchildren.
Helen's first marriage was in 1957 to film director Prem Narayan Arora of Dil Daulat Duniya fame, who was 27 years older than her. She divorced him in 1974. In 1981, Helen married Salim Khan
few years down the line everyone was acquainted to this fact, and thus started accepting Helen as their own. In fact things went to the extent that Sushila and Helen went on to become such good pals, that now they are like the two mothers of the same children.
elen and Salim Khan did not have any children of their own, and they adopted their daughter Arpita in 1980s, whom Sushila and Khan’s children treat as their own.
it is said that if the children buy anything for Sushila they even get it for their other mother Helen, and vice-versa.

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