SEE PICS! Pregnant Kareena Kapoor wears husband Saif Ali Khan's shirt for her latest fashion magazine-photoshoot

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: August 14, 2020 03:09 PM2020-08-14T15:09:56+5:302020-08-14T15:09:56+5:30


Kareena Kapoor Khan is inching closer to 40, but the actor seems to be getting younger and younger every day.

Most recently, the actor did a photoshoot at her Mumbai home for the cover of Filmfare magazine wearing Saif Ali Khan’s shirts as she posed.

Saif displayed one of his many talents as he took some gorgeous shots of the Bollywood beauty.

Kareena looked stunning as always as she sauntered around her house in satin, silk, line and cotton shirts, among others, as she posed for the magazine’s cover that celebrated her completing 20 years in Bollywood.

Kareena captioned the post, “I love love love Saif... for lending me his shirts and for his photography skills.”

Kareena is quite the fitness fanatic, and her toned form did not for one second give away the fact that the actor is pregnant.

although Bebo denied in the Filmfare interview that she was pregnant, saying, “It’s all up to God and destiny. There’s no planning as such. I never planned the first one. I’m not going to plan my life ahead either.

Right now, we just have to have faith and keep the positivity going, the actor said.

However, a day later, a statement was released by Saif, an reposted on Kareena’s fan page, that confirmed the good news, “We are very pleased to announce that we are expecting an addition to our family !! Thank you to all our well-wishers for all their love and support.”

In the Filmfare interview Kareena also shared how she felt about turning 40 next month, given the ageist nature of Bollywood, “You’re as old as you look.

’m proud to be 40. I’m proud to have worked for 20 years. With God’s grace, I will continue working for the next 20 years and proudly so at 50 or 60.