Cooking Tips: Never cook food in 'these' metal utensils; check out details

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: September 17, 2021 02:35 PM2021-09-17T14:35:28+5:302021-09-17T14:35:28+5:30


It is important to clean the utensils just as we wash the vegetables and rice before cooking. What metal utensils you use for cooking are very important. There are many metals in which the nutrients in the food are depleted after preparation and can be toxic to the body. In this article, we will tell you which foods should not be cooked in order to stay healthy.

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It is considered safe to drink water in a copper vessel. But this metal should not be heated to high temperature. This is because the metal processes at high temperatures. The chemical process takes place when salt and acid combine with a copper pot at high temperatures. It can be toxic to the body.

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Aluminum utensils are very strong so people make meals in these utensils. Aluminum acid processes food with tomatoes, vinegar. This can cause stomach pain after the food has gone into the stomach. This causes the body to produce extra toxins.

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The base of the brass pots is very heavy. These pots are used to make traditional dishes. Brass utensils are used as it takes a long time to prepare chicken, mutton or biryani. Brass pots react with salty and acidic foods at high temperatures. So don't cook in a brass pot.

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The best utensils for making meals are made of iron. You can make different kinds of food in an iron pot because it has no side effects. Iron is beneficial for your body.

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In a clay pot, cook the dal over low heat for 25 minutes. So you can do the rest of the work by always keeping the dal on heat. If you eat cooked dal in a clay pot, it is so delicious and nutritious that you cannot forget its taste. Breads and other foods made on clay tawa not only give you a good taste but always keep you healthy.

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At present, the utensils used for making meals in everyone's home are made of steel. Steel is shiny and easy to use. Stainless steel is not harmful in any way. But the quality of the metal needs to be good.

Steel is a mixture of chromium, nickel, silicon and carbon. Always buy steel utensils from a good shop.