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Coronavirus: Central Government plans to speed access to global vaccine

Coronavirus: Central Government plans to speed access to global vaccine

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the country and so far more than one lakh people have been infected with the corona. Similarly, India has been included in the list of most affected countries in the world due to the outbreak of the virus.
The number of patients in the country is increasing day by day. Efforts are underway to find a corona vaccine around the world to prevent this epidemic. Scientists around the world are working to find a vaccine for coronavirus.
The central government is working hard to make the corona vaccine available to India as soon as possible. Renu Swaroop, secretary, Department of Biotechnology, said efforts were being made to allow companies to make vaccines in the country with regular permission.
India is in talks with health organizations around the world, such as the World Health Organization, to launch vaccine testing. The WHO has begun drug testing for a possible treatment for Covid-19.
Many drug companies around the world are working on the corona vaccine. Once the vaccine is effective, it will have to be manufactured in large quantities, with the help of Indian vaccine companies. In this regard, the Serum Institute of India and the UK Pharmaceutical Institute Estrogen.
Work on the world's eight potential corona vaccines is in its second and third phases. Four of them are being developed by research institutes such as Beijing Institute of Technology, Casino, Fosun in China. The rest of the vaccine is made by Moderna, Innovio, Kurwak and Pfizer.
Countries like the US, UK and France have tried to supply vaccines themselves by paying billions of dollars to vaccine companies. Of course, if the vaccine of any of these companies is effective, it will be the first right of these countries.
If the vaccine of global pharmaceutical companies is successful and Indian companies decide to produce it, then our efforts are underway. The Center has made it clear that we will approve any effective vaccine production on each front as soon as possible.
DBT has been given the responsibility of new vaccine, drug and diagnostic test of Covid-19. Last month, after reviewing 500 proposals, the department had announced financial assistance to several companies. These proposals relate to the Covid-19 vaccine and diagnostics.
Where vaccines are concerned, Bharat Biotech, Zydus Cadillac and Serum have received funding for their work. DBT expects the vaccine of some of these companies to reach the clinical stage in the next few months.
This is not just a partnership between the organizations but through this the government is supporting the companies by collaborating with their respective companies. He is also helping with research by sharing his experiences with companies.
We have selected the best companies and we are in touch with them every day. We will soon issue a notification to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 which will speed up the research work, ”said Renu Swaroop.

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