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COVID-19: Mumbai sees huge number of covid cases in high rise buildings compared to slum areas

COVID-19: Mumbai sees huge number of covid cases in high rise buildings compared to slum areas

Over the last few days, more than two lakh new corona patients are being registered in India every day. This adds to the administration's concern. All precautions are being taken to prevent corona infection.
The number of patients in the country has reached a record high. According to the Union Health Ministry on Tuesday (April 20), 2,59,170 new cases of corona have been detected in the country in the last 24 hours and 1,761 people have died. As a result, the number of coronary heart disease patients in the country reached 1,53,21,089.
The death toll from the corona has risen to 1,80,530. Out of the corona patients in the country, 20,31,977 patients are undergoing treatment. While 1,31,08,582 patients have recovered after treatment and have been discharged home.
The threat of corona has also increased in Maharashtra. The number of patients in the state is the highest. Meanwhile, important information regarding corona infection has now come to light. Corona infections are on the rise in Mumbai once again.
Corona has affected housing societies in Mumbai. The incidence of corona infection is highest among people living in large societies and colonies. The rate of corona infection is lowest in slums.
According to the Municipal Corporation, there are currently 87,000 active patients in Mumbai. About 90 per cent of these patients are from Mumbai's societies and colonies and other areas.The remaining 10 per cent of the patients are in the slums of Mumbai.
According to an English newspaper report, 79,032 patients in Mumbai are from non-slum areas. 8411 patients are from different parts of Mumbai. Coronavirus infection has once again increased in Dharavi, the largest slum in Mumbai, and is seen as a hotspot for corona.
In July 2020, 57 % of cases were reported in slums. 16 % of the cases were in non-slum areas. However, with the arrival of the second wave of Corona, all the pictures have changed. More and more patients are now being found in societies.
According to the municipality, there are currently 1169 building seals in Mumbai. So 10,000 floors are sealed. It has a maximum population of 20 lakh. That means about 20 lakh people are in the containment zone.
Precautions are being taken in the building where more than five corona patients are found. A Hindi website has reported about this. Five days after the strict curfew in Mumbai, the number of covid free patients was found to be higher than the number of patients diagnosed on Monday.
In the city, suburbs, 7,381 patients and 57 deaths were recorded during the day. During the day, 8 thousand 583 patients recovered and went home and so far a total of 4 lakh 86 thousand 622 patients have successfully overcome corona, according to the municipal health department.
There are 106 active containment zones in the slums and huts in the city suburbs. The number of active sealed buildings is 1 thousand 171. In the last 24 hours, the municipality has traced 28,654 high-risk people in contact with patients.
The outbreak of Mumbai corona has been on the rise since February. However, the number of patients has been declining in the last few days. So the second wave of corona is currently pictured to be stable.If this trend continues, it can be assumed that the wave of corona has subsided, Additional Commissioner Suresh Kakani told the media on Monday.
On April 10, there were 9,327 corona patients in Mumbai. On April 19, the number dropped to 7,381. The last few days have seen a slight decline in the number of patients again. Asked by the media about this, Kakani said that the wave of corona seems to be stable at present.
While facing the Corona crisis, Maharashtra has come up with alarming and shocking information. One patient dies from corona every three minutes in the state, according to a report
The state government has imposed Section 144 to overcome Corona. At the same time, the state government has tightened some restrictions. However, the number of coronaviruses is still increasing rapidly.
Corona has created a serious situation in Maharashtra. Shocking information has come to light that one covid patient dies every 3 minutes and more than two thousand people are infected with corona in an hour.

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