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World Stroke Day 2020 : 4 early warning signs and symptoms of stroke

World Stroke Day 2020 : 4 early warning signs and symptoms of stroke

Stroke kills millions of people worldwide. Stroke problems occur when there is no blood supply to specific parts of the brain. Which part of the brain has the blood supply cut off after symptoms appear? Get information about it. Neurological disorders.
Recognizing stroke symptoms in any person can help save lives as soon as possible. In medical terms, this is called 'FAST'. Awareness about World Stroke Day is spread all over the world today. Today we present to you the symptoms and warning signs of this disease.
Arm Weakness- It is difficult for any person to lift both arms. Stroke can be a symptom if the hands cannot balance properly.
Face Dropping- If a person's face turns to one side while smiling, there may be a risk of this disease. Smiling often leaves the face crooked without being in a normal position.
If anyone around you is having this type of problem, contact the health department immediately and let them know. So that the patient's life can be saved in time.
Often it can affect the human eye. In such a case, both eyes look dull without being clear. Dizziness can be a sign of a stroke.
In addition there are some other symptoms of stroke. It damages the organs of the body. In medical terms, this condition is called paralyzed. In this condition the organs of the body stop working completely.
Symptoms include numbness in some parts of the body, tingling, difficulty walking, and inability to maintain balance.
Speech Difficulty- If a person has difficulty speaking due to weakness or cannot pronounce words properly, then there can be a serious problem related to stroke. In such a situation a person has to face difficulties in pronouncing words as well as completing sentences.
Symptoms include headache, memory loss, behavioral changes, severe muscle aches, and difficulty swallowing.