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China alleges that US has spread the alien virus in China

China alleges that US has spread the alien virus in China

China is currently being blamed by various countries for the global outbreak of the corona virus. The United States has taken an aggressive stance against China, with the largest spread of the corona in the United States. So at the moment there are strong allegations in both countries.
China has accused the United States of spreading alien species in China, threatening the country's environment, ecology and wildlife. These alien species are virulent. China has also accused them of damaging crops.
Ma Fangzhou, a associate researcher at the Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of the Environment, said that 660 invasive alien species have been discovered in China. Of these, 71 species are endangered.
Of these 660 invasive alien species, about 51 percent have arrived in China from the United States. They are hurting the environment, ecology and wildlife in China, claims Ma Fangzhou.
These species have reached China internationally. The most dangerous of these is the poplar mosaic virus, which is causing damage to crops. The virus is transmitted from the United States through seed and plant cuttings, Fangzhou claimed.
Such invasive alien species reach through grain, oil cargo or baggage. They then adapt to the local environment. Or destroyed by hostile environment. But China played a new game by blaming the United States for the virus
Rice grass species are included in the alien species in China. This species is spreading rapidly in the coastal areas. But it has nothing to do with China. She came to China from the United States by some means, says Fangzhou.
Invasive alien species affect humans as well as endemic species, crops and animals. They have a huge impact on the local environment, Fangzhou claimed.
Microalgae and sea-beans from outside China's southeastern coast are destroying local mangroves in China. Microalgae and C-beans are spreading rapidly, and they have also altered the DNA of mangroves.
The survey conducted showed that 215 invasive alien species were scattered in China's 67 national reserves.
Of these, 48 have been included in the inventory list of invasive alien species.

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