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Coronavirus: Donald Trump's decision to leave WHO could be dangerous for America

Coronavirus: Donald Trump's decision to leave WHO could be dangerous for America

The decision to walk away from the WHO is now being sharply criticized by US President Donald Trump and his administration. The Association of Infectious Diseases and Pediatrics has begun opposing Trump's decision.
The American Academy of Pediatrics says such a decision would be dangerous for children's health. The Trump administration's decision to move away from the WHO at this stage of the epidemic could endanger the lives of many innocent children.
Mark Del Monte, chief executive of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said severing ties with the WHO could increase the country's polio risk. In addition, deaths from malaria may increase. It will also take longer to develop a life-saving vaccine.
Withdrawal of WHO support will not only affect global preparedness against Kovid-19, but will also adversely affect the growing health of children due to neglect of health. The organization urges the Trump administration to continue working with the WHO.
The WHO receives the most funding from the United States. Over the past few decades, the United States has been receiving more than 800 million (US 107 million to US 119 million) in funding each year.
Just last month, Donald Trump warned the WHO about freezing financial aid. On Friday, the United States revoked its traditional leadership role from the United Nations Department of Health's WHO.
Patrice Harris, President of the American Medical Association, said there was no rationale for the Trump administration's decision. The consequences of such irrational actions can be devastating especially at a time when large-scale trials under the WHO-led corona virus vaccine.
The coronavirus has affected the entire United States regardless of borders the whole world must come together to defeat it. The American Medical Association urges us not to give up our leadership during the war against COVID-19
The former head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Thomas Frieden, weighed in, too."We helped create WHO. We are part of it. It is part of the world, and turning our back on WHO makes us and the world less safe," Frieden said in a statement issued by the global health organization Vital Strategies. "Now, China and every other country in the world will have a veto at WHO, and the U.S. won't. This will make the U.S. more vulnerable," Frieden said.
During his announcement Friday, Trump said China did not properly report information they had about the coronavirus to WHO and that China pressured the WHO to "mislead the world," as reasons for the termination.

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