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Coronavirus showing new symptoms in China

Coronavirus showing new symptoms in China

The spread of coronavirus is increasing day by day all over the world. Scientists from all over the world are working to prevent corona. New information is emerging from China about the corona virus that has spread all over the world. The spread of virus in China has begun to accelerate again.
According to media reports, new symptoms of corona have been reported in patients in Jilin and Heilongjiang, China. These symptoms are different from those seen on the first day. We have to face difficult situations to understand these symptoms.
Such symptoms were seen in patients in the North East region of China. It took more than 14 days for these patients to fully recover from the infection. According to the information provided by the experts, the number of infected patients is high until they get information about the symptoms.
The Los Elmos National Laboratory has also reported. The new symptoms seen in patients infected with the corona virus may persist for a long time, he said. It can have very serious consequences.
Q Heibo, a member of the National Health Commission group, said the changing symptoms of the corona virus include severe damage to patients' lungs.
A team of doctors is currently monitoring changes in patients' symptoms. So as to help understand the mutated nature of the virus.

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