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Earth Day 2020: Why does man live on earth? NASA Explain 9 main reasons

Earth Day 2020: Why does man live on earth? NASA Explain 9 main reasons

Today, April 22nd the entire world is celebrating Earth Day. The day is focused on promoting cleanliness, living a healthy life and sustainable habitat for both humans and wildlife. On this day, environmentalists organise events and seminars to educate people about the well being of the ecosystem that we live in.
We have strong ground on earth to stand upright. Also gravity is in the right proportions. Have you ever looked at the sun's surface carefully? Suppose if you stand on the surface of it, you can't stop there, but 1.5 million kilometers.
Ever since people have known about the Earth's climate. Since then, every season has been celebrated in every corner of the world. Because our Earth is tilted 1.5 degrees on its axis. So, we get to see pleasant weather.
Cold winds blow over the earth. Also you can breathe in clean air. Your Earth's wind speed is very balanced. The velocity of the gas flowing on Jupiter (Jupiter) is 5 to 5 km. That is, if someone is skydiving, he will be 1.5 times above the sky.
Earth has the perfect amount of gravity. It's so balanced that you can stand upright and move on. Black holes have so much gravitational force that they will make you like noodles by pulling and pressing. You can't stand.
There is a fair amount of oxygen and other gases on Earth. Allowing us to breathe through clean air. If you were on Mars or any other planet, you would need a machine or an oxygen cylinder to breathe.
Blue means water, white means snow and green means trees. If you look at the earth from space, it looks like this. Filled with beautiful colors that soothe the eyes. You can swim in the sea, up to 5 feet high.
We see the clear sky from the earth. There is a fair amount of water to be used in every way. One gets balanced sunlight to live life. There are also lakes at Titan, the second largest moon on Saturn.
The balance of land and water on our earth is good. Jupiter's moon Europe also has water. There is a sea. But the biggest problem is that this sea is all over the planet. There is no land. Therefore, we will enjoy a beach like the beach or the earth.
On Earth, we always see clouds of different colors. But they never hurt you. But there are many planets with clouds in space. More than 4,000 planets have been found in our solar system. Kepler-7b. There are a lot of clouds there too but always dense and moving.

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