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IN PICS! China human hair smuggling, China making huge profit with human hair wig business

IN PICS! China human hair smuggling, China making huge profit with human hair wig business

Customs in Kunming, capital of Southwest China's Yunnan Province, has recently arrested 10 real hair smuggling groups in partnership with multiple customs. The smuggled hair has a total value of more than 1.1 billion yuan ($167 million), with 230 million yuan of taxes being evaded, reported the China Media Group.
The cases reflected the irregularities in China's wig business as it has become a massive industry in the past decade, not only witnessing rising demands in the domestic market but also seeing rapid expansion in exports.
Industry insiders also expressed to the Global Times that they are hoping for a unified industry standard which they said is important in "retaining" customers.
In recent years, China's wig business including those made of human hair and chemical fiber, has mushroomed at a stunning pace as domestic customers are gradually overcoming psychological barriers about wearing wigs while overseas clients get access to China-made wigs with help of the Internet.
Now, there are thousands of wig factories in China, mostly located in East China's manufacturing hub Yiwu in Zhejiang, Henan's Xuchang which is dubbed "the world's wig capital" and Qingdao in East China's Shandong Province. About 30 percent of the wigs are sold in China while the rest are exported, particularly to the US, European and African countries, said Zheng Jiangmin, manager of the Dongyang Lansi Wig Co, a wig producer.
The US is the largest market for Zheng's company, which accounted for about 60 percent of its total sales.
China controls 70 per cent of the world's wig market. They supply wigs worldwide. China's wig business can be divided into four parts. Raw materials for wigs, wigs made from human hair, chemical fiber wigs and other materials
Fake hair or wigs are in high demand worldwide. In terms of global demand, North America alone accounts for 62% of wig demand. It is also in great demand in Africa and European countries.
According to a report, in 2019, China exported 67.08 thousand tons of wigs. In terms of market value, China exported ९ 3.59 billion, or about Rs 26.7 trillion. Corona reduced these exports. But the price of the wig has increased.
China is trying to buy human hair at cheap prices to get maximum profit. Many gangs are active for this. These gangs smuggle hair through India, Pakistan and Myanmar. Hair offered in temples is usually smuggled from India
This is because the length of the hair is good. Who gets paid well. A kilo of 10 inch long hair is bought for 220 yuan, which is about 2500 rupees, and it is sold in China for about 10 thousand rupees.

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