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Japan defeats coronavirus without lockdown

Japan defeats coronavirus without lockdown

The coronavirus, which has spread from China to other parts of the world, has spread to most parts of the world. In some countries, the corona has created a very difficult situation. However, a large country close to China has taken complete control of its coronavirus.
The name of this country is Japan. Now that corona has been brought under control, daily life in Japan is slowly returning to normal.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has now announced the lifting of the state of emergency imposed in the country by Tokyo and four other cities due to the corona. At the same time, nationwide restrictions on citizens have been lifted.
A total of 12,000 corona patients were found in Japan as of March 24. At least 43 people were killed. Some patients with corona were found every day in Japan. But their numbers were limited. In Japan, 16,600 corona cases have been reported so far, killing 850 people.
Japan was at great risk from the corona for a variety of reasons. Also, the risk was higher as the number of senior citizens was higher here. In January, 9.2 million people came to Japan from China. In February, 89,000 people traveled from China to Japan.
Schools were closed for the first time in Japan as the Corona crisis loomed. Several public events have since been canceled. But shops and restaurants continued. In addition, they were encouraged to work from home.
Corona tests have been reduced in Japan compared to other countries. However, the Japanese government did not pay much attention to the vaccine and took measures to prevent corona infection. Strict measures were taken where corona patients were found.
Meanwhile, some traditional habits of Japanese citizens also proved useful in preventing the spread of corona. Japanese people do not greet anyone with handshakes, kisses, etc. when they meet. So social distinction was observed here. In addition, constant hand washing and wearing a mask.
In the absence of corona, about 5.5 billion masks are sold annually in Japan. Every citizen here wears an average of 43 masks. This led to an increase in the use of masks after the arrival of the corona.
Now the coronavirus is under control. The government has lifted the emergency. However, Japanese citizens are following all the rules without any government order.

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