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Who is Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle who tested positive for COVID-19

Who is Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle who tested positive for COVID-19

President Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. Kimberly Guilfoyle, his girlfriend's name. An American media outlet reported on Friday.
Kimberly Guilfoyle is currently seeing Donald Trump Jr. She is an American attorney and television news personality who co-hosted The Five on Fox News. She left the Fox News network on July 20, 2018
Guilfoyle traveled to South Dakota to review the fourth speech of the US President at Mount Rushmore and the fireworks of the celebration. Kimberly is a senior official in the Trump campaign.
According to the New York Times, Kimberly was immediately isolated and she did not come in direct contact with the president. In particular, a routine test confirmed that she has contracted the deadly virus.
In a statement to the newspaper, Sergio Gore, chief of staff for the Trump campaign's finance committee, said: Kimberly is in order and will be tested once again. She's doing well, and will be retested to ensure the diagnosis is correct since she's asymptomatic but as a precaution will cancel all upcoming events.
Guilfoyle tested positive in South Dakota before she was set to attend the President's event at Mount Rushmore, a person familiar with the matter and a campaign source familiar with the matter said.
Guilfoyle was not with the President and Donald Trump Jr. has so far tested negative, the person familiar with the matter said. That source said Guilfoyle had not had recent contact with the President, but she was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was backstage for his rally there and, was also at his event in Phoenix.
According to US media reports, Kimberly is the third person close to President Trump to be infected with the coronavirus.
In addition to Kimberly, Trump's private aide and the U.S. vice president's press secretary have also been infected with the coronavirus.
The United States reported at least 51,842 new patients on Friday, according to Johns Hopkins University. The total number of coronavirus patients in the United States now stands at 27,93,425. A total of 1,29,432 people have died due to COVID-19 infection.
A former Fox News personality, Guilfoyle assumed the role earlier this year of national chairwoman of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, where she is credited with expanding its ranks of fundraisers.
Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. had been in the upper Plains region hosting high-dollar fundraisers for several days, people familiar with the matter said. The people said Guilfoyle was not seen wearing a mask during the events.

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