Thane rain update: Heavy rains cause flood in Badlapur area, roads, parks, shops submerged in water

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: July 22, 2021 04:51 PM2021-07-22T16:51:14+5:302021-07-22T16:51:14+5:30


The torrential rains that have been lashing for the last few days have affected Badlapur. The torrential rains have flooded the Ulhas River, which flows through the city, flooding many parts of the city.

The houses in Rameshwadi and Valivali areas on the banks of Ulhas river in the city have also been hit hard by the floods.

Heavy rains in the last 48 hours have caused floods in Badlapur city.

The bridge over the Ulhas river leading to Badlapur village was completely submerged. Therefore, the road leading to Badlapur village was closed.

The water had flowed into the city up to a kilometer and a half from the river bed to the first floor of many houses. The huts in the area were completely submerged.

The herds and cattle on the banks of the river Ulhas were evacuated.

The ground floor of old buildings on the banks of the Ulhas River in Badlapur were completely submerged.

Many roads in the city were flooded due to torrential rains and flood waters.

Many roads in the city are under water.

Many complexes as well as parks have been flooded.

The floods also hit the railways and the railway tracks to Karjat - Badlapur was submerged. Also, signal and power supply poles have collapsed in some places

The floods have caused severe damage to railway property, which will put the railways to the test