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Lack of jobs forces M.COM and M.A degree holders to begging

Lack of jobs forces M.COM and M.A degree holders to begging

Unemployment in the country has skyrocketed due to the recession of the last few years and now the COVID-19 lockdown has made life of the people miserable.
The Rajasthan government has enacted the Beggar Eradication and Rehabilitation Act. Under this, a survey of beggars has been started in Jaipur. From that, this information has come to the fore. The news in this regard has been published by Aaj Tak.
Some of the beggars in Jaipur city have done MA and M.Com. According to the survey, some of them hold the highest degree in terms of their qualification. "If you get a job, you are ready to give up begging and work," he said.
Pawan, who lives in Govindgad in Rajasthan, is begging at the 200-foot bypass on Ajmer Road after getting MCom. He has started begging after the company he works for shut down.
Mukesh, 38, has completed his education up to M.A He is a resident of Dundlod in Jhunjhunu district. He begs at Choi Choupad in Nahargad Thane area of ​​Jaipur city.
Similarly, Jagdish Gupta, who has completed his M,Com, Ramesh and Shailesh, who are graduates, are also forced to earn a living by begging on the streets.
A survey conducted in the city under the Jaipur Police Commissionerate found 1162 beggars begging. Out of them, 419 beggars said that if they get any job, they will stop begging.
During this survey, some minor beggars were also found. 27 of them said they wanted to learn.
The Rajasthan government has recently passed the Beggars Eradication and Rehabilitation Act. Rehabilitation centers for beggars are being set up with the help of social organizations. Also, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that Rajasthan will be made a beggar-free state.

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