Olympic gold medallist Alla Shishkina says sex session before a game gives her "explosive power"

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: August 19, 2021 03:00 PM2021-08-19T15:00:00+5:302021-08-19T15:00:00+5:30


Alla Shishkina won gold in the women's team synchronised swimming at Tokyo 2020, has said that having sex before an event helped her perform well at the just concluded Olympics event.

In an interview with Russian outlet Sport Express after the Games, she spoke of how she had asked the team doctor about how sex could impact her performance.

She said: "I relied on the research of doctors and consulted with Denis, our doctor. The scientific community says that if you need explosive power, you have to have sex.

"And if there is long, cyclical work ahead, then probably not. But there are still nuances for each organism and you need to listen to yourself first. If you feel that sex helps, then go ahead."

Shishkina added that increased arousal can have benefits for testosterone and muscle mass in women.

She said: "Sex without orgasm before the competition is suitable for those who need muscle strength to achieve the best results.

"Testosterone is also responsible for so-called 'sports anger' and 'aggression'. If you feel that this attitude helps you perform better, then refrain from sex."

Meanwhile, Team India's mental health coach Paddy Upton, also came into the spotlight because of one of his books. Paddy was the coach of Team India from 2008-2011. He was also involved in the 2011 World Cup.

Paddy's ' advice angered then-Team India coach Gary Kristen. Paddy then apologized to Gary. However, in an interview with Outlook News, Patrick said he would never ask any player to follow this advice.