Magdalena Andersson elected as Prime Minister of Sweden and reigns in a day, So here's the list of All-time shortest serving leaders of the world

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Magdalena Andersson was elected by Parliament as Sweden's first female Prime Minister, she tendered her resignation after facing the harsh reality of having to lead a minority coalition government.Just hours after she was elected the Prime Minister on Wednesday, Parliament (Riksdag) passed the opposition's budget proposal prompting Andersson's coalition partner the Green Party to pull its support. As this news is going so viral on social media, we have made an report on all time shortest serving leaders. Here's the list

King of France Louis XIX has a historical record of ruling the country in less than 30 minutes. Louis Antoine ruled France in 1830. As the oldest son of Charles X of France, Louis Antoine, the Duke of Angouleme, became Louis XIX when his father abdicated, reportedly stepping down 20 minutes after his father had done the same.

Pedro Lascuráin Governed Mexico for less than An hour. Considered the shortest presidency in history, Pedro Lascurain's time in office in Mexico was part a government overthrow that took place during the 1910s.

Joseph Goebbels was a chancellor of Germany for only one night. Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, Joseph Goebbels took over as German Chancellor. As the former minister of propaganda and only surviving high-level officer within the Nazi Party, Goebbels' chancellorship was short.

Pedro Carmona was President of Venezuela just for a few hours. When an attempt to remove Hugo Chavez from power took place in 2002, the conspirators decided businessman Pedro Carmona would replace the Venezuelan dictator as the head of state. Carmona was in office for less than one day, during which time he did abolish the 1999 constitution and dissolve several government institutions.

Michael II ruled Russia for just 18 hours. Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich was made the head of the Russian government by his brother, Tsar Nicholas II. When Nicholas II abdicated on March 15, 1917, he removed his son from succession and appointed Michael as his successor. After Nicholas II abdicated, Michael issued a statement. He urged, "all citizens of the Russian Empire to submit" to the government, more or less agreeing to serve as a figurehead until an elected body, "shall manifest the will of the people by deciding upon the new form of government."

Christopher Okoro Cole Was President Of Sierra Leone for two days. After numerous military rebellions in early 1971, Sierra Leone became a republic in April. Cole was briefly sworn in as president on the 19th of April and, on the 21st, was replaced by Siaka Stevens, who'd been elected into office.

Carlos Luz spent three days as the President Of Brazil. Rodrigues Alves was president-elect of Brazil in 1918 but died during the global influenza pandemic before taking office. In 1954, Brazilian President Getulio Vargas agreed to take a leave of absence and then committed suicide. Vice President Joao Cafe took over as president and served the rest of Vargas' term. In 1955, Cafe claimed he was too ill to continue, at which time Carlos Luz, then head of the Chamber of Deputies, took over. He was president for three days in November - until he was deposed by one of his generals.

Tommaso Tittoni was the Prime Minister of Italy for just 16 days. As the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy from March 12 to March 28, 1905, Tommaso Tittoni only held the role after Giovanni Giolitti resigned. Giolitti's resignation came during his second term as leader and, in 1906, he once again became Prime Minister.

In 1841 William Henry Harrison was elected as the 9th president of the United States but died in 32 days after becoming the President. He's also the president who held the office for the least amount of time and the first president to die while in office.

Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri made history as the first female president of the Republic of South Africa in 2005, an office she returned to three years later. In 2005, she was made acting president for three days and, in 2008, she led South Africa for about 14 hours.