Beware! Motorcycle vibrations can damage iPhone, Smart Phones cameras

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: September 13, 2021 05:54 PM2021-09-13T17:54:36+5:302021-09-13T17:54:36+5:30


Apple, the world's most expensive smartphone maker, has issued an important warning to consumers. The company has expressed the strong possibility that the camera of the mobile of the people who use the holder of the motorcycle to use their mobile map will be damaged. This is likely to happen not only in the case of Apple but also in the case of other mobile companies. (Apple says motorcycle vibrations can damage iPhone cameras)

When using Google Maps or Navigation, we place the mobile holder in a car or on a motorcycle. The car does not feel so much vibration. But a lot of vibrations are felt on a motorcycle. This can damage the camera system.

If your phone is running at high vibrations in a certain frequency range, the vibrations you experience when starting a high-capacity motorcycle can damage the camera.

The optical image stabilization (OIS) provided in the camera may be impaired. According to Apple, OIS has been built for a long time. However, if it stays in vibration for a long time, its quality may deteriorate.

This is what happens in many big brands that offer OIS systems. This degrades the OIS, and affects the photos and videos you take. The company advises you to avoid exposing your iPhone or smartphone to excessive vibration.

This problem can be caused by bikes with high CC in particular. This vibration is higher in bikes like superbikes and bullets. This vibration is generated by the handlebars and the engine, the chassis.

Even small scooters and mopeds produce low intensity vibrations. The company has said that this will not add mobiles to two-wheelers. So that your phone's camera stays good.