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In PICS! Instagram collects 79% of user’s personal data

In PICS! Instagram collects 79% of user’s personal data

If you're using Instagram and Facebook apps, you need to be careful. These apps are at the forefront of sharing personal data with third party companies.
The Instagram app shares most of the users' personal data. Cloud storage company pCloud has provided this information. According to pCloud, the Instagram app shares 79% of users' personal data with third-party companies.
This data includes purchase information, personal data and users' browsing history. According to a report from pCloud, Instagram shares 79% of the information collected by users with others. That is, your data is sold from Instagram to make money.
Instagram itself uses 86 percent of your data. This data is used to sell Facebook Group products. Based on this data, ads are shown to you. After Instagram, the Facebook app ranks second in terms of data sharing.
56% of users' data is shared with third party companies through Facebook. The company uses 86 percent of the users for its own market. Users of apps like Signal, Clubhouse and Netflix do not share data with third parties. These apps market users' data
pCloud collected data based on the App Store's new privacy labels. According to their research, Instagram and Facebook app share user data with most third parties.
According to pCloud, apps like Signal, Netflix, Clubhouse, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom do not collect any user data. This makes it one of the safest apps in the App Store. These can be used without any fear from the users.
Only 2% of users personal data from BIGO, LIVE and Likke apps. All of these apps are included in the top 20 safest apps. About 50 percent of users' personal data is sent to third parties by LinkedIn and Uber Eats. While YouTube users 42
With the help of this data, ads are shown at the beginning or in the middle of the video. E-commerce company eBay ranks 5th in terms of data sharing. The company tracks and sells 40 percent of users' data.
Amazon is at the forefront of not sharing users' data. Amazon users' data is less tracked. Amazon doesn't collect much data for your ads either.

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