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SEE PICS! Check out best alternative messaging apps to use instead of WhatsApp

SEE PICS! Check out best alternative messaging apps to use instead of WhatsApp

Billions of users are unhappy with the new privacy policy introduced by Whatsapp. Thousands of users have unistalled WhatsApp. WhatsApp users received a pop-up directing users to accept the new Terms of Service, failing which the users will have to forgo using the app
The Facebook-owned company has set February 8 as the deadline to accept its new norm. Users have till February 8, 2021 to accept these in order to continue using the platform.
WhatsApp updating its terms of service and privacy policy is not new. Most software services do update their services occasionally. There are concerns regarding these new policies. The users fear that the new privacy policy will be used by the Facebook-owned platform to spy on them.
Signal App is a messaging app with a focus on privacy and has been around since 2014. Signal’s tagline is 'Say Hello to Privacy' and the service is end-to-end encrypted just like WhatsApp. In fact, WhatsApp uses the Signal protocol for its end-to-end encryption feature. But unlike WhatsApp, Signal is not owned by Facebook.
Telegram is seen as a better option by many when they consider privacy and security of their online communication. The mobile app enthusiasts shared tables and graphs to compare the two platforms as well.
Viber use end-to-end encryption to protect conversations of its over one billion users from hackers and "regimes". Additionally, the company has ensured that each user has an individual cryptography key associated with his or her device, allowing you to benefit from an added layer of security.
Indian-made Namaste Bharat app has been launched to compete with Whatsapp. It works like WhatsApp. White board facility has been made available in this app. The app is easy to use and features voice and video calls.
Element works on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS and Linux software. It has an end-to-end encryption. This app has advanced communication tools. This allows files to be shared. Also screens with video chat
Discord is a very popular app among online game players. However, this app can also be used for messaging and chatting. It has the facility to send end-to-end messages.
Threema is a messaging app from Switzerland. It is very secure when it comes to data. Here are the important features of Threema: end-to-end encryption for all messages, manages groups and contact lists only on the mobile device, not on the server. Threema does not store meta data about who is communicating with whom and when Threema also offers a PIN lock feature for private chats

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