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Kapil Khandelwal

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GINSERV launches Gincelerator 2.0 with 18 startups

GINSERV launches Gincelerator 2.0 with 18 startups

India's technology business incubator GINSERV launched Gincelerator 2.0 with 18 Startups. Inaugurating the midlevel health tech, MedTech and edtech Startups' take-off stage programme, Director of Department of Electronics, IT & BT and Managing Director of KITS Meena Nagaraj said, "Karnataka government's policies are aimed at giving access to deep technology. Karnataka makes it happen and that is why 7 unicorns were born during a difficult period of COVID-19 pandemic." (A unicorn is a term used in venture capital industry to describe a privately held Startup company with a value of over USD 1 billion)

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