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Want a zero-carbon workplace? English.Lokmat.com

Want a zero-carbon workplace?

(life) With mounds of paperwork, seemingly endless usage of water and electricity, and no sustainable development policies in check, office spaces are an eco-hazard. Co-working firm Avanta India's MD Nakul Mathur tells life how offices, where working individuals spend hours on end, can turn more environmental friendly.
Want a zero-carbon workplace?

1. Reduce use of paper

The increasing use of technology leaves no excuse for us to leave long paper trails on the planet. Use digital copies as much as possible. If printouts must be taken at all, offices should implement a policy of printing on both sides of the paper. Recycled papers must be used wherever possible.

2. Reduce energy consumption

Shutdown the computers properly after use and unplug all the idle electronics. Even plugged in chargers pull small amounts of energy. Switch off all the lights when not needed. Use LED bulbs that consume almost 75 per cent less power as compared to traditional bulbs. Always set the temperature of air conditioners at 25°C.

3. Use reusable containers

Reduce usage of plastic items such as bottles or containers in offices. Employees should be encouraged to always carry jute or cloth bags. Inside the premises, office should only keep reusable containers to be used for drinking water or coffee. Suppliers of food items and other office accessories should be requested to use less plastic.

4. Recycle etiquette

Install recycling bins at places that are easily accessible for employees. Spread awareness about using these bins to store segregated waste. If we can recycle even 30 per cent of our daily trash, we will save energy equal to around 12 billion gallons of gasoline.

5. Sustainability team and three 'R's

Being eco-friendly boils down to three Rs Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Monthly targets can be set for employees with awards to encourage everyone become eco-friendly. Regular environment awareness sessions should also be organised and every new employee should be informed about the eco-friendly policy.

( With inputs from IANS )

Want a zero-carbon workplace?
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