Whether it is Rekha or Madhuri Dixit, there is not a single wrinkle on their face; check out their beauty secrets

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: September 15, 2021 05:58 PM2021-09-15T17:58:55+5:302021-09-15T17:58:55+5:30


It is generally believed that actresses take care of their beauty only through expensive cosmetics. But the reality is that actresses from Rekha to Alia emphasize on home remedies to take care of their skin, enhance their beauty. With these home remedies, they have easily solved the problem of wrinkles on the face and the effects of aging on the face.The home remedies that these actresses are doing on their face are so simple that we can do it easily too. Aishwarya, Deepika, Alia, Madhuri and Rekha say that it takes proper effort, not money, to become beautiful.

Aishwarya Rai's glowing skin is still the same as it was during the Miss World pageant. Growing old had no effect on her skin. In this regard, she prefers her home beauty treatments. Aishwarya applies cucumber paste to keep the skin fresh. She also uses curd to get a natural moisturizer for her facial skin. Uses hot ground gram flour to keep skin clean.

Deepika Padukone emphasizes body massage to prevent wrinkles on the face. Deepika says that it gives relief to body and mind. If the body is stress free, then the body itself is ready to fight against wrinkles and signs of age. Deepika massages the whole body with coconut oil without fail.

Madhuri Dixit prefers to wash her face twice a day to make her face look brighter and avoid wrinkles. Apply serum after washing face. It is important to apply toner and vitamin C serum after washing the face at night. Madhuri never forgets to apply night cream before going to bed to make her skin glow. She also uses natural ingredients like milk, gram flour, honey and lemon to nourish the skin.

Alia Bhatt believes that if the body is pure from within, then pure beauty will shine on the face. So Alia drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Water flushes out toxins from the body. She insists that her skin needs vitamins C, A and E. Alia emphasizes regular exercise and eating nutritious food along with beauty treatments to keep the skin healthy.

The secret that there is no wrinkle on the face of Rekha is not because of some beauty product. Rekha emphasizes adherence to strict rules regarding health, fitness and beauty. She never gets bored of cleansing, toning and moisturizing her face. Rekha takes aromatherapy and spas regularly to maintain her beauty.

Aishwarya, Deepika, Alia, Madhuri and many others like to use oil based cleanser, take vitamin pills, apply ice pack on the face, do regular facial yoga and most importantly remove makeup on the face before going to bed.