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United Airlines engine explodes mid air, shocking visuals goes viral!

United Airlines engine explodes mid air, shocking visuals goes viral!

The United Airlines flight from Colorado to Hawaii made an emergency landing after its engine caught fire shortly after departure.
Fortunately, the aircraft landed successfully at Denver International Airport and no injuries were reported among the passengers or the crew.
Several Denver resident witnessed debris falling from the sky and captured the moment on camera. “We were at the dog park when we heard the loud boom from the aeroplane and pieces of the plane started falling,” tweeted a user.
Moreover, a passenger also captured the video of a burning engine, which was later tweeted by 9News reporter @MarcSallinger. “A passenger on United 328 took this video of flames shooting out from the engine.
Some people told me they said prayers and held their loved one’s hands as they looked out the window. The flight was on its way to Hawaii from Denver. Glad everyone on board is safe.”
Confirming the incident, United Airlines tweeted that the flight UA328 from Denver to Honolulu experienced an engine failure but returned safely to Denver, adding that there were no reported injuries onboard.
Passenger Travis Loock heard a loud boom, looked out his window and snapped this photo of the damaged engine on United Flight 328. "There was a big boom and the kind of sound you don't want to hear when you're on the airplane," Loock, who was flying with his wife, said in a phone call. "And I instantly put my shade up, and I was pretty frightened to see that the, the engine on my side was missing."
Loock said he could sense the fear on the plane, but everyone was "very calm.""A lot of people couldn't see the engine on that side, right, so I was a little more freaked out because I could see it, and I knew that was not right," he said.
Mike Vena was in the middle of the plane when he heard the explosion. "The plane just started shuddering and it was that way for about a half an hour until the plane landed," he told KCNC.
Nate Fisher heard the sound, too. "I thought lightning struck the plane at first," he told CNN affiliate KCNC. When Bob Brown heard the explosion, he looked out his window, saw the damage to the engine and took out his phone to film it.