Mumbai: Asma Sheikh who studied for SSC exam on footpath moves into a 1BHK flat

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: September 14, 2021 05:01 PM2021-09-14T17:01:31+5:302021-09-14T17:15:38+5:30


In 2020, people around the world experienced hardships. The words like lockdown, social distancing added to our lives. Covid-19 changed the lives of millions of people around the world. Asma Sheikh who lived on a footpath until literally yesterday, passed her Class X (SSC) exam by studying under a lamppost near Azad Maidan and then went on to join a top-notch city college, has just realised her dream of having a roof over her head.

Whatever happened in Asma Sheikh's life last year did not affect her education. The family came to footpath but Asma did not give up education. Sitting on the footpath, she prepared for the 10th exam. Her determination to learn did not diminish when the school-college was closed.

After passing the matriculation examination, her story reached not only India but the entire world. People appreciated her persistence. This girl overcame a very difficult situation and passed 10th with 40% marks. As soon as this story of Asma came to light, a campaign was started to help her.

This campaign is now visible. Asma and her family have been able to live in a 1 BHK flat on Mohammad Ali Road in South Mumbai for 3 years. Also, Asma Sheikh got admission in the prestigious KC College in Mumbai and started her education there.

A few months ago, a bunch of overseas donors decided to help Asma. Moved by the circumstances of the bright girl, these do-gooders from different countries in the West, including an Indian, collaborated with one another and chipped in Rs 1.2 lakh to help Asma live with basic amenities for at least three years until she completes her graduation and takes up a job.

The money will be used to pay the rent, electricity bills and for the family’s basic needs. The girl is currently a student of Class XII (Arts) at K C College, Churchgate.

One of the key persons who facilitated Asma’s entry into the new house is a Spaniard, German Fernandez, who came across Asma’s story on social media. “I was touched on reading about this girl,” Fernandez said. “Education can help transform the quality of a person’s life… Also, I’m all for supporting women’s education,”

Asma has worked hard in her life to get an education. She has used street lights to study. Emphasis was placed on studying at night for maximum time as the crowd was less at night.

She expected to get more than 40% marks. But she is also happy with the marks she got. Asma had said that she wanted to pursue further education in Arts. She is currently studying Arts at KC College.

Foreigners have collected Rs 1.5 lakh to help her and have given her a flat for 3 years. It will be spent on basic facilities like rent, light bill, house expenses. Asma Sheikh's story came out on social media and changed her whole life.