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January to December: Auspicious dates of 2021

January to December: Auspicious dates of 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic hampered many auspicious occasions. The auspicious day is coming in 2021 to complete such works. According to astrologers, if you do good deeds on certain dates next year, you are more likely to succeed.
If you are thinking about getting a home, a new business, a startup, a new job, land or a house, there are many auspicious dates in all 12 months. You will benefit from the good work done on these dates.
January: 5th January, 6th January, 8th January, 14th January, 17th January, 26th January and 30th January are the most auspicious dates in the first month of 2021. On these dates you can do any auspicious work related to the shop or home.
February: February 12, February 14, February 16, February 20, February 23 and February 28 will be the most auspicious dates of the month. On these dates it is better to do work related to Havan, Pujan or home entry.
March: March 3, March 8, March 9, March 14, March 20, March 21, March 24 and March 26 will be the most auspicious days. You can do any kind of good deed on any of these dates.
April: According to astrologers, April will have only three auspicious dates. You can complete any auspicious work on 1st April, 11th April or 20th April.
May: May 5th, May 8th, May 10th, May 12th, May 16th, May 18th, May 20th, May 21st and May 21st are the most auspicious dates. These dates will be very auspicious for making agreements related to land or property.
June: June 6, June 3, June 10, June 12, June 15, June 16, June 21, June 22, June 25, and June 27 are also auspicious dates. The house will have the right dates to buy a vehicle, electronics or any valuables.
July: The 7th of July will have the auspicious dates of 3rd July, 4th July, 13th July, 25th July, 20th July, 22nd July, 25th July, 26th July and 31st July.
August: August 7th, August 7th, August 8th, August 9th, August 12th, August 16th, August 20th, August 27th and August 28th are the most auspicious dates. You can do any auspicious work on these dates.
September: September 8th, September 2nd, September 4th, September 8th, September 13th, September 14th, September 17th, September 20th, September 22nd, September 25th, September 26th and September 29th are suitable dates for auspicious deeds.
October: The most auspicious dates in the month of October are 1st October, 9th October, 10th October, 12th October, 14th October, 18th October, 21st October, 23rd October, 25th October and 26th October.
November: November 2, November 8, November 10, November 11, November 12, November 20, November 22, November 23, November 24 and November 26 in the eleventh month will be the most auspicious. These dates will be the most auspicious in case of marriage.
December: December 4, December 5, December 10, December 13, December 15, December 18, December 19, December 22, December 25 and December 31 of the last month of 2021 will be the most auspicious days.