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Anti virus necklace can prevent coronavirus infection claims health ministry of Indonesia

Anti virus necklace can prevent coronavirus infection claims health ministry of Indonesia

Scientists around the world are looking for a vaccine to overcome the coronavirus crisis. So in some countries strange ways of treating corona are being suggested. The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture has claimed that an "anti-virus necklace" made from a plant called eucalyptus
This anti-virus necklace based on eucalyptus can prevent the deadly infection of covid-19, said Indonesian Agriculture Minister Siarul Yasin Limpo he also said that the ministry will soon launch the necklace.
The anti-virus necklace, which overcomes coronavirus, has been developed by the Ministry of Health Research and Development. The necklace will be mass-produced from next month. Developed by Ministry researchers for the purpose of treatment or prevention of Covid-19.
According to the Tribune News, Siarul Yasin Limpo said, "700 species of eucalyptus have been used to make this necklace. Our laboratory tests showed that the necklace was capable of destroying the coronavirus.
The former governor of Indonesia's southern province has also made big claims. "This anti-virus necklace can kill 42 percent of the virus in just 15 minutes," he said.
Meanwhile, Siarul Yasin Limpo said, ‘We have used this necklace ourselves. Defeat can destroy 80 percent of the virus in 30 minutes. Not only that, if there is a wound on the hand with a knife, if you use it in that place, the wound will heal. '
Also, Siarul Yasin Limpo said he dared to go into the crowd after wearing this anti-virus necklace. Siarul Yasin Limpo usually wears this necklace at work. Also, they wear this necklace when they go out to fetch farm implements.
The prototype of the necklace was tested on coronavirus patients, said Fadzrai Dzufry, head of the agency after this, the rate of recovery was seen in the patients.
“We tested it on 20 coronavirus positive employees of the Ministry of Agriculture,” said Fadjray Dzufrai. All of these patients were having trouble breathing. But after using the product, his health improved rapidly.
Meanwhile, health experts do not agree with the statement of the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture. Experts believe that there is no scientific reason behind such statements. The deputy director of the local biological institute said.
Meanwhile, the prevalence of coronavirus is increasing day by day all over the world. The number of corona patients worldwide so far is over 1 crore 15 lakhs. Scientists in many countries are trying to find a vaccine to overcome coronavirus.

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