Tokyo Olympics: Here's why women gymnast from Germany attract the most attention

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: July 28, 2021 09:14 PM2021-07-28T21:14:42+5:302021-07-28T21:14:42+5:30


At the Tokyo Olympics, all the athletes are showing their talent, but what the German women's gymnastics has done is attracting the attention of the world.

German women athletes have decided to promote 'Freedom of Choice' through sports.

German gymnasts appeared in a full body suit in the usual on Sunday. He says it is designed to promote women through 'Freedom of Choice'. Women players can easily dress in these clothes.

Team players Sarah Voss, Pauline Schaefer-Betz, Elizabeth Setz and Kim Bui entered the field in red and white uniforms.

The dress was made using Leotard and leggings. The dress covered their legs completely.

The team wore the same clothes during training.

"As you get older, it's harder to get along with your body," said Voss, 21.

She further said that we wanted to feel that we should wear clothes that look beautiful and easy to wear. So be it short or long.

This action of German players is appreciated all over the world.